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Legend of Stone Lord
Legend of Stone Lord
Zi Nan Temple Land God Stone Lord as a stone statue
made of natural sandstone in Jhuoshuei River tall 30 cm is
worshiped at the inner hall of Zi Nan Temple. Lai Shih-niu
a pious ancestor ordered a stone censer platform for the
statue engraved Believer Lai Shih-niu dedicated to Stone
Lord newly founded in 1847 (Taokuang Year Ting-Wei).
Believers keep contributing decoration like garments and
gold accessories to the statue to embody His mercy and
A gourd plate refers to a duty reminder held by a believer
in the 5 neighborhoods surrounding Zi Nan Temple (Neig-
hborhoods 4-8 of Sheliao Village) in charge of miscellan-
eous affairs for the Temple including cleaning and incense
and candle burning daytime and nighttime in turn in early
days. Gourd pronounced Hulu symbolizes Fortune prono-
unced Fu and Rich pronounced Lu. The reminder printed
by A believer shall burn incense and candles for Land God
of Zi Nan Temple for fortune in heaven, which shall be
done in turn with respect in mind every day on both sides
aims to teach the believer in charge to contribute oneself
for collective fortune and luck. Currently, a professional
temple manager is in charge of miscellaneous affairs and
the believer holding the reminder is liable for incense
burning daytime and nighttime.