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Zi Nan Temple in Sheliao Village Chushan Township Nantou
County holds the Land God Legend Chicken Soup Savoring
Cultural Events during the Chinese New Year holidays and
the events commence at the lunar Eve. Zi Nan Temple
invites the citizens nationwide to participate in the event
Sheliao Zi Nan Temple Chicken Soup Savoring now regist-
ered as a cultural heritage in Taiwan held on the 16th of
lunar Jan. Zi Nan Temple Cash Lending and Zi Nan Temple
Chicken Soup Savoring in Nantou County are registered as
folklore cultural heritages.
In the early days, Sheliao residents used to gather at Zi
Nan Temple for the cstom Chicken Soup Savoring in lunar
Jan. A family with a newborn boy in the previous year was
obliged to kill a capon as a sacrifice worshiped and dedica-
ted to Land God of Zi Nan Temple on the 15th of lunar
Jan. Zi Nan Temple used to cook chicken soup and make it
available to the neighboring residents on the 16th of lunar
Jan. The miracles of Zi Nan Temple Cash Lending are wide-
ly spread and believers are more and more. Thus, Chicken
Soup Savoring becomes a great annual temple festival
sponsored collaboratively by Zi Nan Temple and Sheliao
Cultural and Educational Foundation. This event as the most popular and famous folklore activity in Nantou County that
activates the social welfare and tourist and economic development for Sheliao Village of Chushan Township as well as
renders the new vitality to Sheliao community is significant to local culture and history.