Origin of Zi Nan Temple
     Legend of Stone Lord
     The snake temple's story
     About Money Turtle
     Land God's Cash
     Eat small wine's origin
The snake temple's story
The 2 miracles: 2 snakes protecting the
Temple, Small dragons assembly
The roof of Zi Nan Temple (Dakung St. Land God Temple
back then) was badly damaged in 1980, so the temple
management determined to reform the Temple by the
Reform Board initiated by local residents in the 5 neighb-
orhoods of Dakung St. to avoid damages to pilgrims in the
same year.
It is necessary to perform the worship ritual prior to reform
, so Mr. Chuang Chi-yan, the representative of Yunlin
Irrigation Association who had the altar at home and knew
how the Temple was built in the first place as well, was
suggested to be the Chief Executive Director of the Ref-
orm Board. Mr. Chuang was admirable to take such post
despite fund deficit.
Later, the Reform Board collected money via liberal don-
ation of residents in the neighborhoods. The reform com-
menced on the 26th of lunar Sep in 1981 and terminated
in Nov 1982. The Board was instituted as the Board of
Managers of Zi Nan Temple and Mr. Chuang was selected
as the first-term Chief Executive Manager (CEM) in the
beginning of 1983.
「2 snakes protecting the Temple
To reform the Temple, the temple management hired Lin
Sheng-hui a resident of Nantou to remove the roof on the
26th of lunar Sep in 1981. As removing the roof, he found
2 large snakes equal to an arm live in the hollow pillar let-
ting one escape and hitting the other on the site. Hsu
Chin-huan, a villager, told him not to harm the snake since
they were pillar snakes protecting the Land God Temple.
The one hit being placed on the cave behind the Holy
Stand of the Land God disappeared afterwards. Lin was sick on the very next day of hitting the snake as returning to
home. He failed to work after a week and his wife was concerned. She was told to worship sacrifices to the Land God
of Zi Nan Temple and pray for the forgiveness to the fault he made. After doing so, Lin was cured and went back to Zi
Nan Temple for work soon.
Small dragons assembly
The temple management kept the wall and the cave beh-
ind the Holy Stand of the Land God the same pursuant to
His opinion during the reform.
One day, the ground was successfully removed by Chuang
Gung and Chen Rung-li, 2 community residents. On the
very next day, all kinds of small snakes gathered in the
ground ditches and the holes symbolizing the nests were
here and there on the wall. The 2 had no idea how to deal
with the Small Dragons Assmebly.
Mr. Chen Chun-lang, Vice Chief Executive Director of the Reform Board, in charge of this case obtained the opinion of
the Land God by incense burning for resolution. The block divination indicated that the small snakes were to move in the
cave behind the Holy Stand. Later, they all disappeared and the reform continued.